Terrace awnings are perfect for shading terraces, but not only; due to their large reach (3.5m), they are also used to shade large balconies, shop windows, outdoor restaurants, or florists.
Thanks to a wide selection of fabrics, the awning blends in perfectly with the surroundings.
Terrace awnings are equipped with hinged folding arms that additionally change the angle of the extended canopy.

Cantilever awnings with various shapes and patterns perfectly harmonize with the beauty of old tenements and the architecture of modern retail pavilions.
The awning cover is made of reinforced PVC film (PVC with a base).

Technical parameters of reinforced PVC film with a base:

Fiber: Polyester 1100 Dtex
Coating: PVC
Weight g/m2: 670g
Treatment: UV resistant, anti-mold, salt spray resistant
Finish: acrylic lacquer
Low-temperature resistance: -35°C
Graphics are made from film coated with special PVC paints.
Graphic prices vary and depend on the size of the signs and the number of colors used. The final cost is determined after presenting the initial design by the customer.

Viennese Awnings – Thanks to the use of Viennese awnings, the windows of galleries, shops, and kiosks appear more impressive, and the merchandise is better protected from the sun.
Extended on two fixed arms, available in various sizes and colors, they add a unique charm to the streets, pleasing the eyes of passersby with their rich colors. On a hot day, it is pleasant to stop in the shade of a Viennese awning and explore the offerings of a selected store.

Awnings – Pergolas – A pergola can be an aesthetic addition to the exterior of a café, a winter garden, or a glazed canopy.
Installing a pergola effectively protects the usable space from overheating. A café garden or a glazed canopy is not exposed to the direct rays of the sun in such a case.

Awnings – Marquisettes – When we are looking for an impressive and functional solution for façade spaces or buildings with a large amount of glazing, we can use marquisettes for this purpose. Beautiful, comfortable, and easy to operate, they create interesting and creative decorative-architectural arrangements on the exterior wall of the building.