External built-in and on-window blinds

External built-in and on-window blinds

External Built-In and On-Window Blinds

External blinds are a popular way to control lighting, privacy, and sun protection in buildings. There are different types of external blinds, including external built-in blinds and on-window blinds. Here is a brief description of both types of blinds:

  1. On-Window Blinds:
    • On-window blinds are installed outside windows, on the frame or wall of the building, or even on the windowsill.
    • On-window blinds can be made from various materials such as aluminum, wood, or fabric, and they are available in different colors and patterns.
    • They are effective in sun protection, provide privacy, and can help regulate the internal temperature of rooms.
  2. Built-In Blinds:
    • Built-in blinds are concealed inside the window or wall, meaning they are not visible from the outside of the building when rolled up.
    • They are often used in modern buildings and apartments where aesthetics are important.
    • They provide effective sun and heat protection and can also help improve the thermal insulation of the window.

Furthermore, thanks to the wide range of available colors, external blinds can be perfectly matched to both modern and traditional architectural structures.