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The “Bliźniak” company was founded by twin brothers’ initiative. Since our inception in the market, we have prioritized quality and diversity, allowing us to operate very flexibly. Our highly skilled staff and modern equipment enable us to fulfill orders promptly and professionally both within the country and beyond our western and northern borders. We carefully listen to customer preferences and are open to considering innovations to continually improve our collaboration. That’s why we provide our customers with rapid and direct communication channels, including phone and email. Furthermore, we offer an exceptionally short order fulfillment timeframe, resulting in customer satisfaction, which is our top priority.

By regularly monitoring the latest industry trends, we are able to offer a wide range of products for the most discerning customers. The company provides high-quality products manufactured directly by our team, significantly reducing the risk of potential defects and allowing us to maintain competitive pricing.
Every day, we put in our best efforts to ensure that our years of experience translate into customer satisfaction.”


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We would like to express our gratitude to our customers for their trust and support, which have allowed us to achieve these impressive numbers. We are ready to continue our mission of delivering high-quality window solutions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. For us, there are no impossible tasks, which is why we treat every order as a challenge to create something exceptional

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We take pride in the wide range of products and services we offer to our customers. Our offering is built on years of experience and a passion for creating solutions that meet diverse needs and expectations. Whether you’re looking to enhance comfort in your home, improve energy efficiency, or add elegance to your surroundings, we have something special for you.

Indoor Shades

Fabric Roller Blinds are window curtains made of fabric that provide reliable protection against interior sunlight and glare on monitors. Free-hanging roller blinds work perfectly not only as window coverings but also as a projection screen or shelf divider. Fantazja blinds effectively minimize the penetration of sunlight thanks to their side guides and protective cassette. Additionally, the guides allow for smooth fabric operation even when the window is slightly open. Impresja blinds are a modern window decoration that combines the functions of blinds, roller blinds, curtains, and drapes.

Modern fabrics used in window blinds are properly protected against fading and stretching in strong sunlight. Rubber-coated or aluminum-coated fabrics reflect sunlight, protecting the interior from light and overheating. Fire-resistant and flame-retardant fabrics are also available in the offer. All fabrics have sanitary certificates.

Vertical blinds are most commonly used in offices, banks, government buildings, and residential spaces.

  • They effectively replace curtains.
  • They have antistatic properties, preventing dust from settling on them.
  • They provide effective protection against excessive sunlight in workspaces.
  • Well-selected and aesthetically pleasing, they serve as an elegant interior finishing touch.

The lower part of the vertical blinds is equipped with weights connected by a chain. Vertical blinds come with a manual control mechanism, and remote control is also possible.

Pleated blinds, commonly referred to as pleats, are one of the most interesting solutions for indoor window coverings.

Due to their construction, pleats can be installed on all types of windows, including roof windows, in winter gardens, and in glazed roof structures.

Pleats are the most versatile product and can be installed in recesses, as well as on windows and in spaces with non-standard shapes such as trapezoids, semicircles, triangles, or polygons.

Horizontal blinds are popular due to their functionality and adaptability to various needs. They can provide both sun protection and privacy in rooms, while adding an aesthetic element to the interior. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the angle of the slats, you can precisely control the amount of light entering the room. They can be completely closed or opened to different levels, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Outdoor Shades

Awnings are perfect for shading terraces, but not only; due to their large reach (3.5m), they are also used to cover large balconies, shop windows, restaurants, or outdoor flower shops. Thanks to a wide selection of fabrics, the awning blends in perfectly with the surroundings. Terrace awnings are equipped with hinged folding arms that additionally change the angle of inclination of the extended roof.

Mosquito Nets – these are screens installed in window and door openings, designed to protect against insects and dirt. The option to choose the type and shape of the mosquito net depending on the function and type of window opening allows for a perfect fit according to its purpose.

The use of mosquito nets in no way interferes with the operation of internal and external blinds. It also does not limit visibility in the window’s light. All elements and frames are made of aluminum, making the mosquito net resistant to weather conditions, ensuring durability for many years of use. Mosquito nets can be customized for all types of windows.

Pergola PRO is a modern roofing solution for large terrace areas or restaurant gardens. Its simple design conceals advanced features such as invisible screws and mechanical components, as well as concealed water drainage. The structure is made of extruded aluminum profiles powder-coated in any color of your choice. The fabrics used in Pergola PRO are of the highest quality and provide full waterproofing. The construction is characterized by high resistance to strong winds: Class 3. The maximum roof extension is 7 meters. The pergola is powered by an electric motor controlled by a remote, switch, or mobile device. Optionally, we can equip the pergola with LED lighting in the cross profiles, a heat radiator, and side screens. An additional advantage of Pergola Pro is its good price-to-quality ratio.

External facade roller blinds are often colloquially referred to as anti-burglary blinds. However, the anti-burglary properties depend on the version of the applied armor, the used guides, and additional protection against lifting. Although the most popular roller blinds provide limited protection against burglary, they effectively deter thieves. Research shows that the most important factor for a burglar’s success is the quick time required to overcome the obstacle, and a “naked” window is virtually no obstacle at all. Also, the necessity of making noise during a break-in exposes the thief to a quick police alert. Moreover, a thief cannot easily identify from the outside what type of roller blinds he will encounter (most external armors look the same), which serves as an additional psychological barrier.

External roller blinds, primarily used for interior protection against vandalism and break-ins, also provide excellent protection against excessive heating and sunlight. Modern external roller blinds, made of high-quality materials, also offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, resulting in significant energy savings. They protect window openings and facades from damage and adverse weather conditions, including hail, rain, snow, and strong winds. Additionally, thanks to a wide range of available colors, external roller blinds can be perfectly matched to both modern and traditional architectural structures.

SCREEN External Roller Blinds made of PVC-coated fiberglass fibers are resistant to weather conditions, effectively filter and reflect thermal radiation and sunlight. By using materials with different mesh densities, the blind can be more or less transparent or, in the absence of perforations, completely blackout. The durability of the materials also makes them suitable for indoor use, typically when large-sized blinds are required.

Fascade blinds are a modern and elegant product mounted on the exterior of a building’s façade.

Their lightweight and simple construction work perfectly in modern architectural structures characterized by large windows.

Fascade blinds protect the interior of the building from excessive sunlight and improve the external appearance of the property. When installed on large façades, they act as insulators, influencing the proper temperature distribution within the rooms and assisting the air conditioning system’s operation without overburdening it.


Gate Drives

We use high-quality electric drives from reputable industry-leading companies in the production of our gates and blinds. Our company always prioritizes quality and reliability, which is why we choose the best solutions available on the market.

Thanks to trusted brands of electric drives, we can deliver products to our customers that are durable, energy-efficient, and equipped with intelligent features such as remote control and automatic management systems. Our company always aims to provide complete customer satisfaction, which is why we use electric drives that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


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